Pharmaceutical strip foil

Pharmaceutical strip foil

The Pharmaceutical Strip Foil is used to pack pharmaceutical products like tablets, pills, capsules, effervescent tablets and powders which are sensitive to moisture, oxygen and light. The laminate is also used to pack medical devices. Strip packs are a convenient packaging solution that allows patients to carry dosages as per the prescription without compromising with safety of the product and its recognition.

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Structure:OP + AL + PE(seay tear)

This product has cross and vertical easy to tear,moisture and oxygen barrier,aroma and,no light, resistant to cooking and so on.Widely used in:food,medicines (tablets,powder,freeze-drying of drug packaging).

Product Name
AL/PE aluminum strip foil For Pharmaceutical Packing
OP + Alu+ PE(easy tear)
OP Thickness
Alu Thickness
PE Thickness
Easy Tear
Can be customized


Used for tablets or capsules or suppositories and other solid pharmaceutical packaging.

Physical property

1) Dull side coated lacquer (the OP primer) for printing ink
2) Bright side laminated with the PE film
3) Flat,even and clean. No perforation\peculiar odor impurity\ conglutination, No obvious abnormal (separation, damage,air bubble,wrinkle,dirt) between the layers.


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