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The future development trend of world ten years the pharmaceutical packaging

User requirements packaging has additional security and adaptability, to expand and adjustment of the report and document, cost effectiveness than the complexity of the packaging design will be increased. Pressure comes from new end users, legislation and regulations and pharmaceutical industry increasingly fierce competition. In future years, with the pharmaceutical companies began to produce little scope for the drug packaging company, people will have to take corresponding measures, for example, offer a small number of highly packaging systems. Population [...]

Industrial current & future Overview

Chinese government implement new version of GMP since 2013,thereby the quality standard of drug,food auxiliary and pharmaceutical package was completed, and enhance the supervision during the production. therefore,the unqualified manufacturers are eliminated, and qualified manufacturer like HENGYU will be certainly stronger and stronger. New GMP implemented in China from 2013, improves the quality standards on drugs, food accessories and pharmaceutical packaging materials, and strength greatly the supervision of the production process. Conditioned that, those drug manufacturers, chasing cost and neglecting the quality [...]

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