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  • Child resistant blister pack lidding foil

    A Child resistant Blister Pack Lidding Foil is a package which is difficult for young children to open or gaining access to the contents but is not for adults to use properly. The child resistant blister pack has two components namely a base material and lid material. The base material is usually made up of PVC, PET, PP or Cold forming blister laminate whereas the lid material is a laminate having aluminium foil as one of the substrates. The child resistant blister lid foil should provide safety, security and convenience in preventing children from gaining access to the medications.

  • Tropical blister aluminum foil

    Tropical Blister Aluminum Foil Used for tablets or capsules and other solid pharmaceutical packaging.

    • Structure:OPA + AL + VC
    • Specification: 
    • Width: ≤1000mm,
    • Total Thickness:0.09-0.10mm, 
    • Core size: 76mm.
    • Properties:  Total barrier performance, light-blind, deadfold, full sterile condition, perfect commercial finish, easy laminate with PVC film.
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